Premises Liability

The South Florida law office of Lane, Reese, & Summers, P.A., represents a number of national commercial clients in premises cases. We thoroughly investigate all claims against our clients to ensure their protection against fraudulent claims and to determine the availability of indemnity and other sources of insurance. Contact us for an effective defense from a premises liability firm with a strong track record of success.

Our clients include major shopping centers and major retail tenants, as well as local business and property owners. We handle lawsuits involving allegations of negligent security, including wrongful arrest and detention, trip and fall/slip and fall, and other accidents involving injury or death and claimed to have occurred on our clients' property.

In our premises liability practice we seek to diminish contention between involved parties and avoid the need for litigation by performing thorough and careful early evaluations of lease and insurance agreements. On request, we evaluate leases, and we compare the landlord's and the tenant's insurance policies, to determine which business must provide primary insurance coverage or indemnity for an incident. Our attorneys are skilled in interpreting leases and insurance policies to determine what parties bear responsibility, depending upon how and where an incident occurred, and we are experienced in prosecuting cross claims when other parties remain unreasonable in their interpretation of insurance policy or lease provisions. 

At Lane, Reese, & Summers, P.A., we will formulate an aggressive and effective defense so we are prepared to go to trial for our client if necessary. Each of the firm's attorneys settles or litigates dozens of lawsuits every year to our clients' advantage.  The firm is highly regarded nationwide for effective strategy and skill in the courtroom.

We are committed to maintaining our long track record of success on behalf or our clients through thorough case evaluation, effective negotiation strategies, and vigorous litigation. Contact Lane, Reese, & Summers, P.A.., for experienced defense in a premises liability claims.

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