Civil Trials

Being represented by trial lawyers is best for the client, even though it is true that the large majority of cases do not result in full jury trials.  The fact that a lawyer is ready, willing and unafraid to take a case through a jury verdict is a benefit to the client at all stages of the case from early evaluation and discovery decisions, to adoption of a settlement posture, through closing argument to the jury.  Lawyers known for settling cases are in a weak position to negotiate settlements favorable to their clients.

Lane, Reese, & Summers, P.A. is a quality, committed trial law firm with a highly skilled staff dedicated to serving the needs of its diverse clients.  From each of the partners to every member of the strong support staff there is a common cause.

We do not compromise our integrity, we take pride in offering an exceptional level of service to our clients, and we cultivate trust in every relationship.  The trust we have cultivated is confirmed by the high caliber of clients we represent.  We believe that this trust and commitment will result in others calling upon Lane, Reese, & Summers, P.A. for the finest legal representation.

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